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PILKINGTON CHOIR was formed in 1956 as a Male Voice Choir for employees of the Pilkington (Glass) Company. However there were quite a number of Male Voice Choirs operating in the St Helens area and it soon became apparent that there were too few members for a viable male voice choir, so ladies were invited to join to create a mixed voice choir. Over the years, membership has been widened to include singers from outside the Company. We have seen a huge increase in membership in recent years growing from 26 in 2000 to a peak of 58 in 2018. Although we have “lost” some 60 members through retirement and other reasons in that time, our current membership does produce a very big sound that belies its number.

DESPITE HAVING NO direct links to the Pilkington Company, for historic and sentimental reasons, we still choose to be known as "Pilkington Choir". Our activities are funded principally by our members, through Membership Subscriptions, though we do benefit from donations from concerts and other singing activities.

WE HAVE BUILT UP a considerable music library over the years but this has to be kept under constant review to appeal to present members and audiences alike. We budget to buy new music every year, meeting the cost principally from choir funds, but we have been lucky enough to have received funding from the Rainford Trust for this purpose, along with their generous support for other specific requirements, including the purchase of new uniforms. Furthermore, the Harry & Mavis Pilkington Trust, has been generous enough to fund the creation and maintenance of our website – www.pilkingtonchoir.org.uk .

WE ARE A FRIENDLY CLUB and readily welcome new singers.
PILKINGTON CHOIR is a group of 31 men and women who enjoy singing. In Four Part harmony.  We are not a traditional Choral Society as we sing a varied and modern repertoire which is familiar and pleasing to audiences and choir members alike.

Our MD - Anne O'Hara, is a very experienced choral leader and has led the Choir for about  30 years.  

Our piano accompanist Danny , joined us early in 2022. He is a superb musician who is capable of playing any music that Anne gives him, at sight. Our previous long term Accompanist, Dorothy Parr has given up her cherished place at the piano after 20 years, because of ill health. She continues to lend her very accurate voice to our Alto section; provides emergency cover as Accompanist and still acts as choir vocal coach