Pilkington Choir
Registered Charity XT 26877
Sing in Harmony
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Welcome to our web-site. We would like to tell you about the Pilkington Choir - what it is now; where it started; a little of its history; our music team; our members; the type of music we sing; how to join us. Follow the links to the pages which interest you.

We hope you will find what you are looking for on this web site. If you would like to book us for a concert, please contact our Secretary, Helen Tierney by  email  or telephone 0781 629 5351.
We are grateful to the Rainford Trust for providing us with funds to help purchase new uniforms for our members and for the purchase of music and associated stage items.

We should also like to express our thanks to the Harry & Mavis Pilkington Trust for providing us with the financial support to develop, launch and maintain this web site.