Pilkington Choir
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Sing in Harmony
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After such a long time, when we have been unable to meet due to Covid restrictions, we are now getting together every Tuesday and enjoying the pleasure of hearing each oter sing in harmony.

From May 2020 until July 2021, a number of members who were equipped with the appropriate technology had been holding weekly Zoom sessions.. It was so strange looking at our friends on a  PC or other internet enabled  “device” screen and singing to the music our MD Anne was playing from her own computer..

Whilst this was very frustrating we did continue to run through our repertoire and even managed to learn several new songs. More importantly we managed to maintain the entity of Pilkington Choir and kept reminding ourselves what we each  looked like.!
We feel fortunate to have “lost” so few members during this period either to Covid related illnesses or other personal reasons. A number have been unable to return yet having had surgery or sustained falls but we are absolutely delighted that four new ladies have joined us.

One poignant issue is that we have been unable to return  to our long term rehearsal venue and have had to find a new “home”. We have found the Alexandra Suite within the Willowbrook Hospice “Living Well” Centre. We have been made to feel very welcome by management and staff and it is proving very popular with members as it is modern, bright, airy  and comfortable. It is also pleasing to be supporting Willowbrook’s financial  activities.